Tuesday, May 25, 2004

It's About Time

For years I've watched the Iron Chef, Good Eats, 30 Minute Meals, Food 911 and listened to the Splendid Table. But rarely have I made anything of any real quality.

Oh, but the last two nights, I have turned the (dinner) tables on my culinary woes. Last night was pan seared tuna steak. I don't have a whole lot in the way of groceries. So I patted on kosher salt and pepper and seared it in a pan with olive oil. Then I made homefries to go along with it. Now, I don't pretend that either of these are challenging. In fact pan searing tuna may be about the easiest thing to do. The key part is that I did it, it worked, and so help me god, I'll do it again.

Tonight also involved tuna. Having come back from meetings that made me yearn for the free-for-alls we called Student Senate, I wasn't really planning on cooking. But then I realized I'd spent the money budgeted for food on 2 cds (my first real official copy of American Water (Silver jews), and the newest Will Oldham album). So cooking was key. I started with farfalle pasta. In the wok I put sliced red and green peppers, then mushrooms, green olives, and finally green onions. Adding Kosher salt, cracked black pepper, and some garlic salt. Then some canned tuna. Mixed it up. add the two skillets together...and you know it was quite good. Again, nothing impressive, except that I had the patience to do so. Hell I even cleaned up after myself. Some of you know me well enough to have lived with me. Some of you will just have to imagine the great leap forward these developments represent. We're talking Russia moving from backwards "3rd world" country to industrialized power. That kind of leap.

What does tomorrow's dinner hold in store...who knows. But I'm guessing something easy, because I'm playing frisbee tomorrow. and I'm going to be insanely tired.

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