Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Things I don't need today

Today has been motivationally a shitty day. Lots of reasons. Few of which will find an airing on this blog. But long story short, it's been a very non-Aaron day. So I went for a run to beat my body into complying with my idea of my role in the political universe. I went to the Pineridge Lake area. (Alert readers will remember this as the site of my prairie dog sightings, and the posted warnings about snakes). I arrived to find a new sign. The sign said, and demonstrated with drawings, that there had been mountain lion sightings in the area. The sign goes on to explain that if attacked I shouldn't make eye contact or the lion will take that as a challenge. I should also continue to fight back if I'm being attacked. Never stop. Frankly these are hardly reassuring. The final straw came when it said: Do not jog or run in this area as it may trigger the predatory instinct in the mountain lion. The last thing I need today is a giant cat trying to chase me so that it can eat my face. And I guess, if I really think about it, that's not just limited today...I never want my face gnawed on by a mountain lion. So I went running at a local park instead. I saw babies. They were fine with eye contact.

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