Monday, June 21, 2004


Emily Thorson has a great piece of father son dialogue over at her blog. I'm stealing it and reposting it here

Conversation overheard on the [extremely crowded] train while returning from the DC United game on Saturday...
Kid: There are TOO MANY people on this train! And that's why it's going SO SLOW! Look how slow it's going!
Father: Well, actually, we're still at the station. The train hasn't started moving yet.
Kid: Oh. Yeah. But it will NEVER get to a hundred miles an hour with THIS MANY people on it! There are too many!
Father: The train only goes about forty miles an hour.
Kid: Oh. I'm SO HUNGRY that I'm EATING this PLASTIC BAG!
Father: Please don't eat the plastic bag.

A Happy Father's Day to my Dad, who with patience and grace put up with similarly absurd declarations from me....and still does. Thanks.

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