Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Portions of Hell Have Broken Loose

Over on Off Message (Brian's blog) the Yankees fan in Brian has been unleashed. Angered by an email from Mark, Brian is responding with both barrels. I have never been wholly neutral in the Yankees vs. Red Sox blood bath. I like the Red Sox better, but mainly because I grew up a Browns fan, and for me there is comfort in a team that is always good enough to inspire hope and always bad enough to make you hurt. But two of my closest friends are split. Now add Jen into the mix and the balance for Sox fandom is beginning to tip. However, I must admit, Brian's arguments are always more passionate, and usually better...he relishes these fights.

I'm mainly just amused. To see the fight in question....check out: off message. Oh, and in general Brian's blog is getting better daily (primarily because it's starting to be more up to date).

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