Wednesday, June 30, 2004


According to the Onion the American people are not fit to govern themselves. Great little article. The Onions election coverage is the farcical paper version of The Daily Show. We have a media empire, it's just far more funny than vicious.

The Supreme Court found that, though 78 percent of U.S. citizens have seen Star Wars, only one in 200,000 were aware that the multibillion-dollar "Star Wars" missile-defense system had been approved by Congress. Additionally, while 62 percent of citizens correctly identified the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond, only .01 percent could identify former attorney general Janet Reno beyond "some woman Jay Leno always says looks like a man." Further, only .0003 percent could correctly identify the ancient Greek city-state of Athens as the birthplace of the concept of an educated citizenry participating in democratic self-rule.

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