Monday, June 07, 2004

Heading to Seattle, but not for a while

Plans are being finalized for my first trip west of Colorado. I'm going to be traveling to Seattle for Matt Pierce and Rachel Anderson's wedding. I haven't seen Rachel since college, and I've missed having her across the hall immensely.

I get to see my friend Jen (who I last saw in snowy, evil Iowa), in fact I'll be staying with her in her new place. Should be exciting. I have no idea the schedule for the weekend. I don't know how intense wedding prep is when you're just a guest, or potentially a guest reading something in English...or Hebrew. There is talk of me trying to learn Hebrew for the wedding. Mainly this talk comes from others. Most of the words out of my mouth express great trepidation at trying to speak even limited phrases in Hebrew. So we'll see. As with so many experiences of late, it'll be an adventure.

I'll be gone the 25-28th. It should be fantastic. Hoping for no rain for the wedding. Though it's Seattle, so who knows what to expect.

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