Saturday, June 05, 2004


Reagan died today. I can only hope he was not in too much pain, and that his family could be with him. Dying from Alzheimer's is horrifying, and I pray he was comforted by whatever memories remained.

I imagine that we'll see untold thousands of bridges, parks, estuaries, logging corporations, national monuments named for him in the years to come. I don't like the deification of Reagan. The general sense of perspective is so skewed. His contribution to American history are not that impressive (at least in my estimation), so it's amazing to think of the millions that will be spent in a rather un-conservative way to iconize their dearest president. Airports, highways, landmarks, rivers, oceans, continents...?

Carter was/is a statesman, he serves his country daily. What fate awaits him upon death? I'm guessing no one will suggest that he appear on the dime.

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