Friday, June 04, 2004

Old Navy

While canvassing yesterday I came to home of a man wearing a shirt that said:

Old Navy Original: One Savior, 12 disciples and one fishing boat.

I couldn't quite make out the text so I just wrote down "original old navy." I then went home and searched for the shirt on google. Found a listing of Christian bumperstickers. Most are clever, and obviously "on message." Except this one: "So you're a feminist... isn't that cute." First off, I don't know how that's Christian. It's certainly somewhat hateful. But that would, in my mind make it pretty far from a tradional reading of Christian texts. It's conservative. I find it just awful that the idea of being Christian has become inextricably linked with being Conservative politically. Guess what neither party gets to claim God.

The other bothersome sticker was this one: "'Big Bang Theory... you've got to be kidding.' -God" The idea that God is a cynical, snarky, mocking 'too cool for school' diety just seems to undercut the power of God, the majesty, and the infinite love. I just don't think of God as sarcastic.

Strange. Are there Jewish and Muslin bumper stickers like these? What is it about Christianity as practiced in America that gives way to this particular expression of faith?

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