Monday, June 28, 2004

So I fell in love...

with Seattle. It's just astonishingly beautiful. It is verdant (and if I lived there I could use that word...which is something) and hilly and full of Oberlin-esque people. It's a solid place. I saw mountains, Puget Sound, friends, a green thing that hangs off the Space Needle (it's supposed to be an alien sitting and its spaceship), Rachel in a dress, Matt, four square played by Amherst grads, Mt. Rainier, a salmon ladder, a giant pink elephant sign, oh and Jen--who truth be told may have been the neatest thing about Seattle.

I'll have a more complete wrap up later. It's funny, usually most stories here come from the same emotional inspiration (though less well constructed) that triggers essays by Sedaris and Rakoff. Namely that strange feeling of shame/embarassment/wonder/and generally being out of place. I use this blog as a way to enjoy those moments to share the absurdity of them with others. Seattle was full of happiness, giddiness, beauty and honest I'm not sure I'll have as much to write. The airports and the getting lost will provide more of the stories. But the moments in Seattle with Rachel, Matt, Jen and others were amazing and not terribly funny.

I'll hope to have photos done soon. This will help my contention that Jen's apartment is what a preschool run by Ikea would look like.

It's good to be back in Fort Collins, but really I'm lying.

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