Friday, June 04, 2004

Smelling Like Big Oil

I'm not usually one to read See the DNC and I have never been terribly tight--they sometimes try to get rid of my candidates. But, my friend Clare Gannon now works for them. This section of the site (which she wrote) is fan-fucking-tastic. It's a Cosmo-Quiz to see if your man has been lying to you.

4. When you have a ton of errands to run, like filling up your car with record-high gas prices, and you ask him to help out with groceries he...
A. Tells you he has some big time jaw-boning to do with visiting OPEC friends, but when you call OPEC, they haven't heard from him.
B. Tells you he's working late, but comes home smelling like Big Oil.
C. Starts defending his best friend, mentions a certain oil company, and then quickly changes the subject.

For the rest click here.

Go Clare, way to make the DNC palatable.

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