Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wiiiiiillllllld Turkeys couldn't draaaggg me awaaay...

No apologies to the Stones. I don't like them that much so I'll borrow and mangle their song for my stupid blog post.

An article in the Boston Globe (from Mark and Stacy) makes a big to-do of a wild turkey roaming around Jamaica Plain. Turns out both Mark and Stacy have seen the big bird as it wanders the urban(ish) landscape in search of whatever turkeys eat. The article is really pretty hilarious but, as Stacy pointed out, the best line is this.

"This morning, it was not clear where the turkey was heading. Peering through his windshield, Connelly estimated that the bird weighed seven, maybe eight pounds."

Stacy went on to comment, "This morning? I like that. Like usually the bird says 'hey, I'm going to the Snack Shack. Anyone want anything?'"

I have to agree with Brian who found the line about the turkey trying to get into the school particularly funny. "That bird later tried to enter a nearby school..." I have this image of the turkey walking up to the school only to be turned away by an Orval Faubus-esque figure.

Anyway, everyone needs a little local color, squirrel-that-looks-like-Abe Lincoln story now and again.

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