Thursday, November 16, 2006

And now for something largely different.

So I figured after a pretty heavy, or at least long post (2600 words!) I needed a sillier one to follow it. In examining my stat tracker, which is a great distraction for me, I discovered that at least one person in the world came to my website after trying to search for mannequin repair. Try it yourself, go to google and enter the search string: how to repair manequins

Bam, there I am (well second, but still).

Wow, Google is amazingly quick in its self corrections. I'm already removed from the list of top sites related to manequin (sp, I know) repair. Alas. I'll have to hang my random search hat on some other peg. Who knows maybe "bocce ball dishwasher counting" or "ultimate shark dance excitement" Only google and random inquiries will determine where I rank

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