Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sign of the Times

You know how in Batman the police can shine the Bat Sign into the night sky and call forth the help of the Caped Crusader. Yeah, well apparently someone in the Democratic party loaded the light with the Bat-Shit-Crazy Sign and sure enough out popped Tom Vilsack, announcing his run for President. That may not be fair, Tom Vilsack isn't really insane, he's much more inane..

Two days after a Democratic victory that seems to me to have vindicated the notion of standing for prinicple and speaking from the heart to the voters--Tom decides it's his chance to run. Let me be clear, I don't think Vilsack is a bad man, or anything like that. But he is, in my estimation, achingly boring, and uninspiring--painfully uninteresting. This is a man whom I have described as unable to win an election at his own family reunion. He just doesn't inspire much energy, even from people who are seemingly obligated to like him.

But I guess the Inane Sign is shining bright these days. I'm waiting for Evan Bayh to answer the call to duty. Hell if we leave the light up long enough maybe we can get Dick Gephardt to run again.

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