Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Kneed More Data.

Last week I installed a daily hit tracker for this site. I wanted to be able to see how many hits I was getting per day, how long people spent on the site, where visitors were coming from...generally I just wanted access to more random numbers in my daily life. It's a bit humbling to realize that most of the hits I get in a day are from people who want little to nothing to do with my site. There are people who get there by clicking on a google image result for Benny Hihnn, or something like that.

The tracker tells me the google search criteria that brings in various visitors. So far the strongest search terms that bring people to my least for today are: "brayton ejected for kneeing." Apparently people searching for information about a the Raiders' football player (Brayton) who kneed Jerramy Stevens in the nuts...are taken to my site. This boggles the mind. Why I'm the number one site on the Internet for "brayton ejected for kneeing" is really startling. But I guess it's somewhat funny. Maybe there will be a rash of people who come upon this blog trying to learn about NFL-related gonadal violence...and stay for my vain attempts at wittiness. Though judging from the length of stay for those visitors...(less than 2 seconds usually) I'm doubtful.

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