Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Well Hot Damn!

Well shit. It wasn't just a small reorganization in the House, this was Martha Stewart on Meth.  We're talking cleaning like you see for OCD Jews before Passover.  It's pretty outstanding.  Apparently all it takes is 6 years of ferocious, unrepentingly corrupt leadership with a horrifically mismanaged war and a constant desecration of the basic values and rules that govern civil society for folks to get upset.  But, you know, better late than never. 

Sadly, the races with which I had any personal connection whatsover went Republican.  Made calls for Christine Jennings through the DCCC...she lost.  Rooted on Judy Dutcher (for whom I worked in 2002, and whom I know a little, and like a lot) and Mark Hatch--lost to Pawlenty.  Tony Knowles in Alaska, for whom Jess and several friends worked in 04, lost.  Mary Jo Kilroy for whom Jesseca bused out to Ohio, slept but 8 hours in 4 days and basically sweated blood--lost. I think the key is that I should try and make calls for Jeb Bush, or John McCain. 

You know how some actors are refered to as box-office poison for their ability to kill an otherwise profitable movie. I'm ballot-box poison.  My support is a sign for other voters to steer clear of a candidate.  Oh well.

PS.  In unrelated but similarly important news of change:  Brittany Spears is getting rid of K-Fed.  I'd like to be the first to attempt this awful joke... I guess She Was K-Fed Up.

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