Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Turns out I'm dumber than a kindergartner

In preparation for tomorrow's election, and corresponding election night party I went to the store to get some food coloring. The theory being that we'll have dyed red and blue drinks. Blue drinks for celebration and red drinks as commiseration. So I went to the store and sought out the hand staining, sink discoloring monsters they call food dye. I wanted a simple little 4 pack with the basic colors. Failing that I bought red food coloring, green food coloring and yellow food coloring. I figured this is simple I'll mix the yellow and the green and bam! I'll have blue.

I get home and try batch after batch of yellow and green mixtures. And oddly enough none of them has even the slightest hint of blue. We're talking about more than a few attempts at this, varying proportions, mixing patterns. All to no avail. Then only after about 10 trials did I realize... yellow and blue make green. And while colors are many things they are not good representations of the commutative property. And even then...I didn't get that property right. Many, I am struggling today. Thankfully there isn't any paste around for me to dine upon. Geez.

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