Friday, November 03, 2006

Watch Out Mid-Atlantic Region

So in my quest to avoid recreating photos like this I've been working out.  When I was young my parents were convinced I'd be a cross country runner. I'd run non stop all day long, just a bundle of boundless, un-tireable (It's a word now) energy.  And then I stopped being like that.  I have what I can only fairly assume is relatively poor cardiovascular fitness, at least in relation to the others who play ultimate.  So I've been trying to work out at the gym and really run for long distances.  Yesterday was the first day it actually felt good.  I started out running a very slow first mile, 9:30-9:40 or so, and then ran a half mile at 9 minutes, then I cranked it up to 7:30 pace and ran for another 2 miles.  All told I ran 3.6 miles in about 30 minutes.  Again, nothing earthshattering.  No great marathoner am I.  But it's the longest sustained run I've ever completed and I felt strong throughout.  It looks like this trainging stuff is working.  So if I can continue to add strength and power to my legs and core, and build up some stamina...who knows, I might turn out to be a decent player sooner rather than later.  The first test, PADA Mosh, comes this weekend.  Unfortunately I woke up this morning with a chest cold and I'm phlegm-y like Brueghal.  Though I guess that's more Flem-ish, but you get the idea.

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