Thursday, November 09, 2006

...and baby I love you Beep beep, beep beep yeah.

After her stint as the adopted staffer for Mary Jo Kilroy (whose daughter Mark informs me went to Oberlin) Jess drove my car to DC. Which means, that the sad white Saturn and I are again reunited. I'm not really one for anthropomorphizing cars. I did, when pressed, name my car. It's Norman. It's a white car, that's none too flashy and certainly servicable. Norman seemed a fitting name.

Now begins the process of registration, emissions checking, etc. Soon I'll have a car that's completely legal in the eyes of the DC government. It'll be nice. To celebrate, I'm going to drive to a frisbee tournament--just the Clique A tournament. But still, no ride requests for Aaron. I'm going to drive others (I hope). I'm excited about being able to get to Virginia and Maryland, to go hiking, to go to Ikea, to go to friends' homes. I think this first trip to a tournament is going to be great. I like to think of it as Norman's Conquest...over bothering friends for rides.

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