Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Someone Cue up Rockapella

Thanks in part to seeing a link from Mike Degnan I started playing around with Flickrs new mapping feature. The tool lets you geocode your photos. It uses GoogleMaps open source and with that you can select a point on the map and link your photo to that spot. It's really pretty spiffy. You can be as accurate as you want. For instance my photos of Lake 22 are linked to the particular side of the lake where I took them.

It then gives you this nice little map indicating where you've taken photos. And then to make it even cooler you can search your photos and anyone in Flickr's photos. For instance let's say I want to find all the photos of Ultimate in the US. I can search for ultimate and I can find collections in NJ (Wildwood) in Vancouver (Furious) etc. It's all pretty sweet. It's like a photogallery version of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.

My map

Another super cool feature, you can enter a location and see all the photos from that area. So you can put in Westerville Ohio and see everyone's photos from that place. Or Topeka Kansas or wherever. How fantastic is that.

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