Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Joe Biden has decided that he's running for President. He apparently surveyed the field, and took a poll among his family members and decided that he had that certain something to be a middle of the pack loser in a Democratic primary. I wish he'd be honest about it. Declare on Meet the Press that he believes he has the certain skill set necessary to raise just enough money to put a skeleton staff on the ground in Iowa. That he'll be able to put together a team and funnel money into the pockets of a few consultant friends while being treated like shit by hairy armed, pear-shaped Iowans all while mowing their lawn and pleading for their support. Then he'll have just enough name recognition to throw his meager support to some other sure fire loser just before the caucuses in order to curry favor and save face. All before returning to Delaware where, when the Democratic nominee needs help rallying the literally 10s of volunteers for the crucial Delaware GOTV program, Joe will come out of seclusion and deliver a flat, head-ache inspiring speech about the importance of democracy and the value of volunteers, before returning to the Senate and supporting more crap bills sponsored by MBNA.

Here's the main reason that Joe Biden can't be president--judgment. Think about it, if Joe Biden has so little judgement that he thinks he's going to be President, he doesn't have the judgment necessary to be President.

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