Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Why I'd like to Brain Bill O'Reilly

A while back O'Reilly interviewed John Stewart. He spent the entire interview complaining and taunting and behaving like a child, largely about about Kerry going on the Daily Show, and about how the viewers of TDS are all stoner slackers and worthless. He (B.O) talks about how he is the 3rd most important man besides the President. It is maddening to read the transcript. I honestly don't imagine I could be in the same room with him. He's like syrup of ipecac in human form.

O'REILLY: You know what's really frightening?
STEWART: You've been reading my diary.
O'REILLY: You actually have an influence on this presidential election. That is scary.
STEWART: If that were so, that would be quite frightening.
O'REILLY: But it is. It's true. I mean, you've got stoned slackers watching your dopey show every night, OK, and they can vote.


O'REILLY: Don't you think that these guys want to be hip, when McCain was on with you -- Bush hasn't been on with you, right? You would remember that...
STEWART: George Bush?
STEWART: I don't recall the president stopping by the program.
O'REILLY: But McCain's been on.
O'REILLY: OK. Kerry's been on, as we mentioned.
O'REILLY: I've been on. So you've had the three most powerful people beside him on

I want to be rich or well connected so when I have crazy ideas I can enact them. My newest thought:

"The Tour of Duty" I want to arrange a comedy/music public speaking tour of college campuses called "Tour of Duty" with Jon Stewart and maybe PJ O'Rourke (a similar fairly funny and respectful conservative comedian) sharing a sparse stage and talking about politics with college students. Some vote reg but mainly the focus being on humourous and civil discourse about civic duty. I would love for us to start, even in only a few places, talking to each other with the decency that issues of this import deserve. A screaming simpleton with more invective than insight doesn't do anyone any favors.

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