Thursday, September 16, 2004

Bits and Bobs

Quick Update on several things not meriting their own post:

1. health--not so great. I've reinjured/aggrivated my left shoulder. It's fairly weak, and does things like roll nearly out of socket if I swing my arms over my head. So that's less than ideal. I should be on the health insurance here at work, and will be getting that checked out. The good news is that playing frisbee doesn't seem to create further pain (except when I layout on the shoulder...which happens from time to time).

2. employment--a while ago (2 weeks) I received a raise. One week in and I got a raise, sounds great but reinforces my sense (now a full blown realization) that I work in a place where planning is thought unneccessary or at least gauche. It's been a challenge to deal with that. I want spreadsheets and plans, budgets and cash flow analysis--I'm told to just have faith. And despite these observations--we continue to raise money and do good things. It's startling. I've been writing letters and newsletters and have been pleased with a few lines in a few letters. Apparently so have our donors and we're getting more money in. I still think it's much much more likely that regular contact with our donors is the precipitating cause of their donation...rather than a better letter--but I'll be happy with having some role to play in both things. I like my coworkers, though the office is awash in absurdity. I want to pen a book (always wanted to say 'pen a book') about this PAC and title it "Leader of the PAC."

3. relationship--I love jen. I am so happy I moved here. Up close and personal, she's smarter than I knew, funnier, and kinder than I'd known. There are challenges--balancing alone and together time. But in finding the balance I've found that I have more and more confidence in us. It's nice

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