Monday, September 20, 2004


Admittedly, it's unlikely but...

This article from The Nation implies that maybe the reason that McCain began to campaign with Bush and be all cozy-cuddly with the neo-cons is so that he could knife 'em.

But maybe there was another reason beyond loyalty to the party and to the commander-in-chief why McCain saddled up with Bush. Perhaps he wanted to get near enough to knife Bush--metaphorically speaking, of course. As in, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Seems a bit too much to hope for, though it'd be so perfectly Shakespearean. But it sure would be a great way to spend October, with Bush trying to explain away his own Zell Miller moment. Speaking of which apparently Lincoln Chafee isn't voting for the Prez. That makes two of us. Hear that Kerry staffers--you have two hard 1s. Plus, you figure Howard Dean, and Edwards that's like 4. The momentum builds.

*Brian Fusco suggested the title for this post, and frankly it's just too good not to use.

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