Friday, September 10, 2004

What's in a name...or what should be our name

I'm in a co-ed hat league--for non frisbee players a league comprised of assembled teams (used to be picked from a hat) instead of preformed teams. My team needs a name. Apparently all the league teams are naming themselves after "disgruntled political leaders" or so says Thor our captain. yes, thor is his name. hot right.

So I'm soliciting suggestions. Mine are as follows.

Neville Chamberlin (also "disc"graced)
Zell Miller (bat shit insane)
Barry Goldwater (lends itself to a color--yellow)
Al Gore (angry and bloated)
Thomas Dewey--of Dewey beats truman fame
Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand
Paul Schell
Ken Starr

My two favorites, in no order
Mr. Smith (of, "goes to washington fame")
Oedipus (really really "disc"gruntled, plus whenever someone is awful on the team we can banish them, or suggest blinding)

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