Thursday, September 02, 2004

Damn Straight

In a day where I've come to think Zell Miller might be the worst man in Democratic (and that's loosely defined) politics...the Daily Show saves my sanity.

Go here.

Edwards makes a great point:

"The anger we heard from Senator Miller, the anger we heard from the vice president — anger is not going to change this country and do what needs to be done for America," Edwards told a town hall meeting at a community center in this Philadelphia suburb.

Addressing the delegates in New York on Wednesday night, Cheney and Miller portrayed Kerry as a model of indecision whose Senate voting record on national security issues makes him a poor candidate for commander in chief.

Edwards said he wished the Republicans would show "a little anger about the millions of people who lost their health care" and the millions who have lost their jobs in the last four years.

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