Friday, September 03, 2004

Why Both the Bush Twins and WB Suck

Watching the twins speak was painful. This has been noted and explained elsewhere. But why? Because adults should never try to sound like angsty teens/youngins. The speech filled with "our family is so square" jokes and "I'm down with American pop culture" references was excruciating. "Our dad knows the difference between mono and Bono." What the fuck does that mean? Mono as in syllabic? Mono-as in nucelosis? What the fuck? This is why the WB lineup sucks (or, caveat here, why I'd imagine that it sucks, cannot say I've really watched much). Adults should not pretend to be teens. It’s not cute, it’s demeaning for all involved---including the audience. We are not so tone deaf as a culture that we have lost our ability to recognize real speech patterns from formulated horsehit. Or at least, I hope so. No wait, we have lost that ability. We live in an age where someone said to their loved one(s)--"you know those Bush daughters are so nice." No, they're smary jerks who all but admitted on national television that they can get away with underage drinking and whatever else they want because the standard for personal responsibility has been eroded with the ferocity and efficiency of a sand castle in a tsunami. Drink underage--fine, but celebrate the new world where contrition is secondary to lying---and you earn my ire.

Oh, and my favorite was the OutKast reference. Our dad doesn't think OutKast is a bunch of misfits. Right because he usually thinks all black people are....oh, wait you meant because of the name outkast...not because they were black performers. Right, and when they (Outkast) rap about "basically America you got fucked" I'm sure the president realized they were talking about the aftermath of the election. Because it sure seemed like the message I took away from the convention was: "America you got fucked. And I'd like to try again."

From War (Big Boi)
For what? I refuse to sit in the backseat and get handled
Like I do nuttin all day but sit around watch the Cartoon Channel
I rap about, the Presidential election and the scandal
that followed, and we all watched the nation, as it swallowed
and chalked it up, basically America you got FUCKED
The media shucked and jived now we stuck - damn!

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