Monday, September 13, 2004

For one week

The Browns are statistically the best team in the AFC.
They won, and won with the best point differential. And what's more it was the first Browns game I'd watched in years. I went to a sports bar here in Seattle (The Ram). I arrived about 20 minutes into the game (or about 6 minutes of clock time). It's 10:00am on the West coast when these 1:00pm AFC games are played. But, people are sucking down beers and bloody mary's with the joy and efficiency you'd associate with...well sometime other than 10am. No seats to be found, so I stood for the first 20 minutes of the game. Then I took the initiative and scored a seat. And watched as the Browns and Ravens (whom I hate, justifiably hate) played like the Browns and Former-Browns that they are. No offense. None. Things like .25 yards and a cloud of dust. Then the Browns started to score points. As if, almost as if, they wanted to score more than the Ravens and thereby gain victory over the forces of evil. A couple of touchdowns later---and we're looking good. 20-3 final score. Again, it's the Browns so there were field goals....where touchdowns should have come. But currently (and this makes me happy) the two best teams (accordign to differential) are: Browns and Vikings. Hot shit.

In other news...I played my first hat league game. We remain unnamed, though Oedipus is getting some consideration as is Baby Doc Duvalier (which jen points out lends itself to the cheer of Baby Doc Back!). I was mid way through the game when I was asked to join a more formal team as well. So I'm going to go and see what's what with Moby Flick. Should be fun. I guess they are a mid level team, and apparently something about my play suggested that I'd be a help to their team. Who knows. Should be fun to see.

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