Thursday, September 30, 2004

What's in a name

So again we return to the joy of naming things. I've said for a while now that I'd be eager to root for a baseball team named after elected officials: The Spokane County Commissioners, the Des Moines Auditors, the Grand Junction Mayors whatever. But really, what I've wanted is the return of the Washington Senators. I have this soft spot for DC. Not sure why, but I really like DC. And I really like Senators (Paul, Harkin...Russ). So when news that the Senators might return came out (just in time for a potential move to the east coast) I was thrilled. But now I hear they might not be the Senators. Apparently the fucking Rangers own the name. Which I'm sure is useful...because maybe they need two names. I guess the Rangers have been known to make stupid moves from time to time so maybe this is an alias, or a backup plan.

According to news reports the mayor of DC wants the team to be the Grays (after the Homestead Grays of the Negro leagues). I'm fine with that. What I'm not fine with is another leading suggestion the Washington Monuments. Lame.

So some suggestions (compiled with help from Brian)

The Beltway Boys (Brian)
Insiders (Brian)
Fuck the Fucking Rangers (mine)
We Can't Vote Because Congress Hates Black Folk (mine)
Partisans (me)
Generals (mine...I know....I know)
Rhetoric (ESPN)
Crushing Poverty Surrounded by Affluence (mine)

UPDATE: I just realized with horror that it's not unlikely that the GOPers will try and skew this. So I'm awaiting the Washington Reagans. Hell they've tried to name every other fucking thing in this country for him. Or maybe it'll be the Washington Everything Changed on 9/11s. Washington Norquists.

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