Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Selling Crazy For Free

I miss being able to say that disparagingly about Dennis. But now I've found, or rather nearly everyone has found a considerably more crazy guy---Alan Keyes. And where I agreed with much of Kucinich's platform...not so much with Alan Keyes.

Keyes has called Obama: a socialist and a liar, implied that he's a racist for saying that he (Obama) was going to give Keyes a spanking, and said that Jesus would vote for him (Keyes).

Political rhetoric, speeches, etc---generally my thing--but this year is just crazy. It's been no holds barred. The vice president in all but declaring that Osama is policy advisor to Kerry. Keyes thinks Jesus loves the little children and hates Obama. The candidate in Oklahoma said that it was a clear choice between good and evil.

It's disgusting. Our political dialogue has been reduced to things from a bar fight.

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