Monday, September 20, 2004

Friday Night Under the Lights

First a piece of good news. Everyone's favorite lovable Irish rogue, Emmet Regan just received a work visa. Cheers.

The surreality of work continues a pace. It's really more than I can adequately capture in this space, or with mere words.

Frisbee remains a great part of the weekends here. I played on Friday with my new team Moby Flick. The best part, besides feeling like I'd played well, and had a great time...was playing under the lights. I turned into the Hamlin Park and drove up this dark road into the bowels of the park. It's jet black, and 25 minutes past 8pm. I come to a dark parking lot, and walk towards the halo of light surrounding the nearby trees--and suddenly I'm in this open space with giant lights and floating discs and shouts of "no break." It was great. Playing under the lights just made me feel important. I think it's why it would have been great to just once have played football at WNHS--the feeling of playing on a great field under the lights. It was wonderful. The game itself was sloppy. I was the only player on either side to layout, and as such managed to be wet and dirty and slightly injurious to my shoulder. But such is life. The score stood at 14-13 when I picked up a turnover on the goal line and prepared for a swing pass...only to find myself suddenly in pure and utter darkness. The lights shut off at 11pm. With little regard for good in cuts and a need to play through to a cap. Apparently the park board doesn't care. So we lost. We gathered in the dark, wrote a quick cheer and it was back to the car. Good stuff.

More on the weekend later...but I must return to work.

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