Thursday, September 23, 2004

Clearly the result of good Christian upbringing

Images below are from a web site where you can buy tshirts and other products to help support the President.

Yes, it's white people with money and affluence adopting black vernacular in order to reinforce their own power. To think their parents feared darkies, and now today they can slander and denigrate using "ebonics" God bless America.

And God has blessed America...because He hates everyone else...see:

"In a 15 round match up between Jesus and Allah, I'd put my money on the Nazarine. Now, if they wanted to make this a two-on-two, they could have Mohammed but I'd take "John the Baptist" and I'd win, hands down!" Why is Jesus fighting Allah in a 15 round boxing/wrestling match? What kind of preposterous argument is that. But I'm glad the author clarifies that with "John the Baptist" he'd win hands down. Who is this moron? But wait there's more. More fun:

So to recap Cheney is a freak, right? When he had other priorities can we assume he was being a hippy, or instead of serving with his fellow man was he a "pansy" and merely servicing his fellow men? "Shut up and stay out of the way"...clearly freedom isn't free or in stock at this time.

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