Wednesday, September 08, 2004

What Should ABJ name his new dog

I'm soliciting names for the newest addition to ABJ's happy home (without their asking me to do frankly I just want to see what kind of creative names folks can come up with). Currently the mutt is named Manny. He (I think) is a black lab mix and is calmer than Teak (their other dog). ABJ lives in St. Louis, studies Psychology, and is from Boston.

My first few thoughts:
1. Selig(man) for Martin Seligman and the learned helplessness dogs, if the first one is named for Kia's job this one should get to be a psych dog (maybe)
2. Elijah---as in leave the door open for Elijah
3. Max Power--"you don't cuddle with Max Power, you strap yourself in and feel the Gs"
4. C.B. Confirmation bias...dogs are dumb, just like people
5. Hercules Rockefeller
6. Gary...Gary Lambert from The Corrections, or just because it's funny to give dogs people names
7. Buckley--after Jeff (bucky for short), and the dog from Royal Tennenbaums
8. Roxanne--so you can scream\sing the Sting song when you call it. Or nickname it Rox for short.
9. B.F. Skinner--skinny or BF for short
10. Mutt Romney
11. Neuron--Ron for short.
12. Chi Squared
13. Rembrant Q. Einstein

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