Monday, September 27, 2004

If only some one had warned us...

TIME magazine gets it. And I can only hope that the caucus attendees of Iowa each take the time to read TIME.

Taking their cue from the hackneyed scripts of 80s movies the Democratic party chose John Kerry over Howard Dean. In something approximating the political equivalent of a John Cusack film, the once nerdy Iowans selected the Prom Queen that everyone fawned over instead of the tomboyish-best-friend..and we got John Kerry. Wow, that's a stretch.

Democratic voters should stick to their day jobs. With just five weeks until Election Day, there's reason to believe they guessed wrong — that Dean would be doing better against Bush than Kerry is

It would have been nice if there'd been some warning. If only some group of people had steadfastly mentioned, reminded, explained, told, and said to voters that Kerry's back and forths would cost him. If only a set of people possibly united by a desire to elect another candidate had mentioned that John Kerry would have trouble fighting the president on Iraq, well who knows. I struggle to think of any group of people like that.

[Ed note: I do wonder if I'd be here and with Jen if GHD had won (maybe not?), and I realize that GHD would have his own problems, so at least a part of me is fine with knowing that it's someone elses guy getting attacked, and being in love and with Jen. And so Kerry is my guy now, and I don't gloat to know he's struggling, I just wonder if there are Michiganders and Iowans reciting our talking points to eachother conspiratorially in bars---in hushed tones saying: "you know, I always wondered about Kerry's consistency on the war."]

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