Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Wyoming: Why Not

Yesterday afternoon, following a fairly unpleasant morning (see next post) was just wonderful. Jen and I were sitting around, I was calling people to let them know I'd been fired and just to let them know I was fine, and seek counsel, and Jen was reading the NY Times. I finished with a call, turned to her and said, "Do you want to go to Wyoming?" I further clarified, it's only about an hour north (that turned out not to be true, as GHD would say...it's actually like 1.3 hours). Jen said yes, and insisted that we bring a frisbee so I could teach her to throw.

So we headed north on 287 towards Laramie. Laramie is a fairly depressing place. Low slung buildings, rusted out trucks, dive bars with French names (Cafe Jacques). I was driving, and we continued north and west. Finally after about 15 minutes past Laramie (searching for a park or green space where we could toss a disc) I asked her to get out the map and see where we were heading. Turns out we were only 20 miles from Como Bluff Famous Dinosaur Graveyard. Hard to pass up a dinosaur graveyard.

There are no signs. It's just a small building with a sign that says, 175 million years ago this building walked.

The building (museum, they'd like to argue) is made of dinosaur bones. Instead of say, a building material like, cement, wood, stucco, concrete, bamboo...nope this is made of dinosaur bones. Creepy right. It's also for sale. So I think maybe if I cannot find a job Jen and I will buy the museum, and the associated house (a fixer upper) and live near Medicine Bow Wyoming.

Como Bluff House, Museum, and Property: The Como Bluff complex is situated seven miles east of Medicine Bow, Wyoming, on U.S. Highway 30/287. The property consists of a two bedroom house, one bath, living room, dining room, and kitchen with an unfinished basement; the Fossil Cabin Museum Building (approx. 12 X 24) and a series of outbuildings and corrals. The total acreage is 160 acres, and approximately 23 acres are on the South side of U.S. 30. The house is livable but needs to be updated (paint, fixtures, etc.). It is constructed of stone (see pix) and is weatherproof and stable. It does not have a water supply, so water must be periodically hauled from Medicine Bow and the storage tank (500 gallons) will require cleaning or replacement. A smaller storage tank is on the premises and useable on a short term basis. The Fossil Cabin is constructed entirely of dinosaur bones and is the only building of its type in the world. Como Bluff is placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Several outbuildings are present, including small storage, barn, corrals and other buildings formerly used in raising horses. Como Bluff is not an agricultural opportunity. 160 acres is not sufficient land to raise livestock in this area of Wyoming. Asking Price: $350,000. The owner is flexible upon terms and would consider any reasonable offer for the property. Contact: Ms. Jody Fultz, P.O. Box 173, Medicine Bow, WY 82329, (307) 379-2323. Fax (307) 379-4444 See also Como Bluff Fossil Cabin Page

We later played frisbee on the driveway/parking lot of this museum. And more than just a few errant throws floated into the middle of the desolate Wyoming highway. It was a great afternoon. Surreal, but wonderful all the same.

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