Thursday, July 08, 2004

Feeling Hot Hot Hot.

I've been riding my bike the past few days. It's been really nice. Though I need some more fleshy padding or some more padding on my bike little tush is very sore. I'm sure few if any of you were wondering...and yet there it is an update on my ass. Strange thing these blogs.

Today while canvassing I realized that no matter how dry it is, 97 degrees is warm. And that walking for 2 hours straight without water, again, no matter how dry, is very tiring and makes you weak. Today, we have been winning. Fortune is beaming down...or maybe that's the sun, but either way things are a-ok. Learned from Brian's blog that there will be a book about/based on Neutral Milk Hotel's "In the Aeroplane over the Sea." Wonderful album. Among the best. Haven't listened to it in a while. It's intense. I miss it. Though not as much as I miss Jen. It's surprising really. It's not unlike the ache from exercise, it's omni present, but some things/thoughts really expose just how sore/full of longing you are. It's a good feeling though, because I cannot imagine, the alternative. Just for the record, I smile a lot these days, this goofy, goonish broad smile that looks like those clowns at the putt-putt courses. Yeah, big and broad and lingering well past the normal ceasation point. So like I said today (recently)I've been winning. Oh, and my next two netflix selections (Simpson's Season 4 Volume 2, 3) arrived. Everything's coming up Milhous.

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