Friday, July 30, 2004

Three Facts About the Convention

Two facts that are sad, and one that's just preposterous.
(according to Mark and Brian)
The Montana delegation slept in dorms at Northeastern. It's unclear* if this was because they had no money, or thought they'd be killed by marauding bears in advance of the event, or what. But they slept in dorm rooms. That's sad. You'd figure that some of the uber celebrities might have pitched in, or even better the Boston delegation could have taken some in (there couldn't have been too's Montana). That would have then been a great story, Democrats sharing with strangers.

Michael Dukakis was giving walking tours of Boston. The former Democratic nominee, and Governor of the state was giving tours of the North End to random delegates. How shameful that the DNC didn't give him a cart or a bike or something. Also, the convention basically allowed the bloated (though less than when he was in Iowa) and bloviated Ted Kennedy dominate...and denigrated Mike D. Not even a few bars of Neil Diamond's "Coming to America." Today!

According to Brian there were 90 Kennedy's in attendance. That's 6 times as many Kennedys as American Samoans (who I'm sure unlike the Montanans had accomodations). 90. Iowa (home to the self congratulatory Democratic party)sends only 56. Ninety, as in one more than 89 and just one less than 91. 90. That's ridiculous. They were like a Super Tuesday state, but of Kennedys.

*after googling Montana+delegation+dorm I learned that: '"We're a small delegation. We're from the West. We're used to camping out," said Bob Ream, the chairman of the Montana Democratic Party, which requested the dorms for economic reasons. "In fact, I thought I'd pitch a tent on the Boston Common."' I wish now that they'd camped on the Common, and rigged up the swan boats as their transportation.

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