Friday, July 16, 2004

Labor of Love

I talked yesterday just as I was about to leave the office with the business manager for Pipefitters 208 (not, as some astute readers might suggest, plumbers and pipefitters...I know, I was shocked too).  He's a 50 yr old Hispanic guy.  And I remembered yet again why I love labor.  I love people who value community, who see social change as the outgrowth of cooperation and solidarity.  Hell, I love the terms and the language of labor. 
I was again given the fire and the energy I need to fight this fight.  When I work with, or for the working men and women of this country (especially the unionized folks) I remember Paul. I think of the value of honest work.  Mine is a strange business.  So no deeper insight, just a great conversation with a tough guy--who sees the movement as progressing and as integral to progress.

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