Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Aaron Leavy--Bike Owner!

I bought my bike, u-lock and helmet today. Grand total 219. The bike is Specialized...which makes me think it's a bike for people on a short bus...but since I've heard of it before I assume it's a leading manufacturer of bikes. Mongoose is the other name I know.

The bike is blue. It's got those funky little steel bars that look like a flourish you might see on a Viking war ship. It has quick release everything. I've already (by necessity) learned how to unclip the wheel, and then fix the brakes. My helmet is this preposterous thing, aerodynamic, visor, blue, etc. I'm one sexy looking athlete. I was informed by the bike guy that this was a good purchase. I believe him. It's pretty spiffy. The bike shop guy knew about Oberlin, as he grew up in Vermillion. Small world.

Aaron Leavy, bike rider. I just rode my new "special" bike (it's called a Hardrock...presumably not named for the restaurant) about 6 miles. (it's easy to measure distances here...everything is on a one mile grid). It took around 20 minutes. Estimated speed something nearing 18mph. Verdict--Aaron is a very tired man, and not-at-present a very good bike rider. Whew.

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