Thursday, July 29, 2004

Cue the Indiana Jones Travel Montage

I wish I could create a nifty little car (white, beat up saturn) graphic that would track my progress across the country in the next few weeks--sort of an homage to the Indiana Jones travel montage.

So, here is the rough set of plans.

Saturday (31st)
Pack and move all my stuff in my unfaithful car (really, this car is broken so often, it's like me during ultimate season) down to Alamosa, Colorado. My uncle and aunt live there and have been kind enough to take me in for the next few days.
August 5th
Dad and Katie arrive in Colorado Springs. I'll drive up and meet them in Colo Springs. We'll pal around there for a few days, and then return to Alamosa.

August 11th (absurdly early in the morning)
Dad and Katie leave for Colo. Springs to fly home and I begin my very long drive to the great state of Washington.
August 11th (evening)I'll probably stop in Twin Falls. (I promise to sing a few verses of the Built to Spill song to celebrate).
August 12th crazy early
I leave Twin Falls Idaho
August 12th fairly late
I arrive in Seattle.

According to mapquest it's a 24 hour drive, and I'll cover something like 1440 miles. Plus, I add Idaho to the list of states I've visited. Hooray!

Q. Is it worth that much driving?
A. I'll be with Jen.

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