Friday, July 02, 2004

Don't Mess With Mondale

I was reading MyDD today. I'd never read it before. It's good, except this article which does a fine job of explaining why Dick Gephardt shouldn't be the VP (or in my mind the manager of an Arby's).

Relevant quotes:
can be argued Kerry owes his January victory in Iowa to Gephardt's suicide attack of Dean. But so what, all that showed, was that Gephardt was good at taking others down with him while he's busy losing. I'm trying to think of an equivalent scenario in the past, if Kerry were to choose Gephardt for VP. Probably the most recent that I'd choose would be the MN DFL choosing Former VP Walter Mondale over Alan Page, for the open Wellstone seat.

It was really good right up until he felt the need to go after Mondale. See, why do people have to fuck with Walter Mondale. I don't get it. So many people think they get it. Makes me livid. So my comment to them was as follows:

As a staffer for the Wellstone campaign, I just thought I'd shed some light on your finishing analogy: Walter Mondale was one of Paul Wellstone's political heroes. In his first term Paul bucked the Senate protocol of having the Senior Senator escort the Junior down the aisle the first time...instead Paul chose Walter Mondale. Also, Mondale was an author of Medicare, a sponsor of the voting rights act. Dick Gephardt has felt bad and looked morose, but has never once delivered a measure of any real consequence (at least to compare him to Mondale). Paul's sons picked Walter Mondale. Let it alone.
Otherwise, fantastic post. Dick Gephardt is a charmless man whom I believe is good hearted but himself failure in his chosen, not getting our ass kicked up one side and down the other

To recap---Walter Mondale, good guy, liberal lion, beloved by Paul, amazing man. Seemingly all outside commentators ill informed, eager to seem liberal, denigrating the wishes of Paul's sons, oh...and just pissing me off.

Last recap. I now, with the addition of further information from good sources, believe that it will be Edwards. Yes, I'm just as bad as Dan Rather election night.

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