Friday, July 23, 2004

Whom Do You Know in Seattle?

For the first time, really, since I was graduating from Oberlin--I know where I want to move. Oddly, it's for nearly the same reasons--to see a new city, and be with the person I care about. Of course this time is a little more intense (okay, it's the most intense feeling I've felt, to date, but still).

So that said, I'm asking for your help. My father, who has reason to know as he counsels students on finding a job, suggests that the best way to find a job is to let as many people know about your search. Well, I don't know how many folks read this, but it's a start. I'm hoping to find something semi-permanent in Seattle (ie, ideally not another campaign). Writing would be nice, research would be keen, logisitics/event coordination would be peachy, depending on the cause--development could be outta sight. Lots of things would be great. As y'all no doubt know I'd want something progressive--so Knights of Columbus would be less ideal than ACLU.

My humbled and sincere thanks for any help. you can send contacts/leads/thoughts/supportive limericks(see below)/haikus to
aaronleavy at

There once was a young man from Oberlin
Whose feelings for Jen took over him
just recently released
and with that at peace
he realized Seattle could be home for them

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