Sunday, July 04, 2004

VP Wager and other candidates

So Phil James IMed me about a wager. I've never been a huge fan of betting, primarily because I like to win, and never seem to.

The bet, 5 dollars to Phil if SACK is the VP, and 5 dollars to Jen (in coffee) if Edwards is the VP. It's unsaid, but I'm assuming it's drink until you blackout(for each of us) if it's Gephardt.

Other never-mentioned possiblities:

1. Nick Lachey--married man, attractive, from a swing state (Ohio)
2. Randy Johnson--Tall, tall people seem good at politics
3. Cher--married to a politician before he was one, has a military record--you know that video, if I could turn back time...
4. That guy who plays Gollum--primarily because the debates would be funny
5. Estelle Getty--she could do PSAs for Miami voters about how to vote.
6. Mark Mothersbaugh from a swing state, innovator, Kerry would look good in those Devo hats.
7. David Lynch--creepy seemed to work for Bush with Cheney...if the American people want creepy, we'd have the A-bomb of creepy. Plus the commercials could be all trippy with Kerry doing drugs and having his head turn into the head of Howard Dean, plus some crazy ass lawnmower guy. So there's my pick. Kerry Lynch.

I thought that the movie with the guy driving the lawn tractor across the country was Lynch. Maybe not. I am now less convinved than ever before that I know who the VP will be. I heard great arguments for The SACK, including that he will appear with Kerry in Pittsburg and that the SACK was born in Pittsburg. So who knows. All I know is that it's looking more and more like I own Phil money.

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