Thursday, October 26, 2006

What am I to make of this interaction

Yesterday as I left my office to go grab lunch and otherwise empty sidewalk was suddenly occupied by a well-bearded man (I'm guessing at least two years of effort) wearing a fairly nice seater, riding a bike with one hand and in the other flailingly pointing an expensive digital camera and seemingly random sights. As I approached the corner, I paused to allow him to pass without risking a collision. He turned to no one in particular--I'm fairly certain he wasn't talking to me--and said, "Of course they should go, only a truly passive-aggressive person could engineer such a meeting." As he said this I noticed another woman walking toward him. I'm not sure if he was talking to me, or about me. Though he rode on and made lazy circles in the driveway of the parking garage snapping unfocused (in all senses of that word) photographs. Then he shakily pedaled back the direction from which he had come, and continued to take photographs.

What on Earth am I to make of this? Art installation? Crazy guy? Eccentric? Highly functioning schziophrenic?

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