Monday, October 30, 2006

Sour Caroline

Aaron, and the assembled guests of this year's Halloween Party offer a stirring rendition of the Neil Diamond "classic."

Shockingly, I'm not drunk here. I am just that attrocious a singer.

My voice never seemed so bad
So bad, so bad, so bad!
I'm inclined to think it never should...
Be heard.

Apparently, at least according to Liz this video is not without a bit of controversy. Like the Zapruder film and the film of Big Foot this is important both for what it captures but also for the debate it can inspire. Is the really awful voice mine? Liz believes that the videographer, JJ may be drowning out my similarly bad voice with his own? Could this be true? Am I really Pavorati-esque and this video captures errant notes from another source. Or am I really that loud and that off-key. You make the call.

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