Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Libby and I were chatting today and she mentioned that a friend made her a mix cd comprised (composed?) exclusively of songs with colors in the title. I shot back a couple of guesses as to the mix contents, turns out I didn't get a single one correct. Which means that there must be a lot of songs with colors in the name. So here's a little challenge for each of you. Open an email browser or word document. Give yourself 5 minutes and no other resources, and see how many songs with a color in the title you can come up with. In cases where there are several songs with same title indicate the artist. Then copy those songs and post them in the comments. I'm trusting everyone will be on the honor system and not spend extra time researching, asking for help or thinking about it. And I certainly trust that no one will read the comments before they make their list. It'll be be interesting to see which of my friends has the best range of both song recall, and color recall.

I'm betting on Brian or JKD. I think one of them might break 35. Then I'm betting on JJ, if he reads this, I'd figure he gets 30.

For what it's worth, in five minutes I came up with 24 (though I think some are likely no good). I think some of them may be erroneous. It's much harder than I would have expected.

If anyone gets above 30, you can color me impressed.

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