Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I'll try to write more about Regionals. It was an amazing weekend, filled with emotion, laughter, highs and lows. It was everything I love about this sport and the people who play it. These two photos from the weekend seem to best encapsulate why I love the sport.

The first is Chris Shulze making an amazing catch over, under, around the through defenders. He eventually comes down with this score. He's an incredible athlete, and a really swell teammate. It's nice to have him around, to be sure.

The second photo, also from the game against Hooray is of me hugging Liz. Those who know me will appreciate the image. It's the emotion, the friendship, the concern and the love of your teammates--that's the fundamental part of the game for me. That spirit, that community, it means everything. I think this photo captures that feeling pretty well.

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