Thursday, October 12, 2006

Apparently in Iowa he Warner-ed out his welcome.

So even before he declared his bid for the Presidency Mark Warner is undeclaring. Man, that's a crummy exploratory committee. When you have to send a search party out for the exploratory committee, that's bad. Here's the thing, when you form one of these committees, you gotta get Marco Polo not Chris Columbus. Get someone who can do some real exploring, not wandering around.

But Mark Warner not running doesn't seem that bad to me. He's got a ton of cash he can spread around to other Prez candidates, or other races. He's still in the running for VP and he may well run in 2008 to fill the seat then vacated by John Warner. So that means we have a well funded, rational guy who decides to run for Senate. That's a fine thing. And it makes Virginia a more purple state for the Democratic Presidential nominee. These are all good things. In the end it looks like no one loses in this deal.

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