Friday, October 20, 2006

Some geeky data analysis

So I took some time after work to analyze the various responses to the Color-Song challenge. Incidently, David G pulled out a remarkable 41 songs. Now, did he stick to the 5 minute limit, I don't know. He's an honorable guy, I figure it's unlikely he violated the rules.

So a couple of fun pieces of data from these songs and my little analysis:

Top 10 Most Commonly Listed Songs
Yellow submarine (13)
Paint it black (9)
Orange crush (8)
Purple haze (8)
purple rain (8)
Blue suede shoes (8)
Back in Black (7)
Mellow Yellow (6)
Yellow -Cold Play (5)
Yellow Ledbetter (5)

I also took a little bit of time to analyze the overlap between various people's lists. For instance the people with whom I overlap the most are: Michelle (9), David (9), Melissa (9)and ABJ (8). It makes sense that Michelle, Melissa and David would overlap a lot with me as they had the three highest scores, and therefor have the greatest likelihood of overlapping. But ABJ scored 19 which is in the middle tier. The mean being 21.4, and the median being between 19 and 22...making the mean and median pretty close. I guess being friends all these years, and living together Sophmore year might explain the overlap between ABJ and me--hell we even overlap initials, and sisters' names.

More fun facts
Of the 147 individuals songs listed 11 of them also included the word "eye." For those of you keeping track of the relative popularities of eye colors w/r/t song titles: Blue (5), Brown (2), green, red, black, and mixed all get one.

Another interesting thing to note is that certain colors are far more likely to inspire songs, or at least ones that we can remember. As you might imgagine Blue and Black lead the way, by a good margin. Here is a silly little bar chart indicating the number of songs for each color.

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