Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Photos Galore!

I'm going to write a post-party recap, soon. But until then, I'll share a bunch of photos from the evening.

It was a great time. Singing, dancing, drinking, general silliness. Various groups of friends got along swimmingly. All in all you could hardly ask for a better time.

Again, I will post more later, but till then enjoy the photos. Be sure to check out JJ's photos, he has nearly 5 times as many posted I as do. A must see for participating in the voting below.

In the comments feel free to vote on the following things

1. Best costume (you may vote even if you didn't attend)
2. Costume that best fit the person wearing it (ie, the costume that seems the best extension of the person it covers)
3. Costume you wish you came up with.
4. Costume or photo most likely to end the wearer's hope of a political career.

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