Thursday, October 12, 2006

Like Green Vegetables

So I'll admit that for most people making calls for political campaigns is not a hobby. It's not a recreational activity. It's something you do because it's good for the country. It's the equivalent of eating leafy green vegetables. You do it because experts tell you it will help you lead a better life.

Well I went to the DCCC (D-trip, if you're cool) last night and I piled on the veggies. Several of us decided that as DC residents we have to do something, and calling for candidates in other states is a good start. Now usually I'm a Senate snob, but with the Foley stuff, and the general momentum I think is spreading around the country more and more House races are in play than ever before. And thankfully a certain someone had the foresight to structure the DNC to focus on 50 states. Who could that be? Oh, right Howard Dean. How about that. So smart. So now that we have competitive races popping up like mushrooms on the shit of 6 years of Republican control---we need to get the volunteer army up and moving. There are new races being added to the list of competitive ones every day. We're making progress. But like good teams, good campaigns know that the best time to push harder is when your opponent is weakened. We need to capitalize on this energy and make it stick, otherwise the next two years will be even more awful than the past two.

All of which is to say...if you have free time go here and sign up to call. The calls are easy, the staff is well prepared (I say this with more than a little prior experience). Several friends and I are going this Tuesday. It's important stuff. If you don't live in DC, I'm sure there is a place near you that needs your help. If ever there was a time to become a band-wagon progressive it's now. Come aboard, volunteer, get yourself a button. Get invited to the victory party--but first make some calls and ensure it's a victory party.

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